Our Ethos 

While it was a difficult task getting some of the team members together, and that I have faced many trials and tribulations that comes with a startup, I still laid the foundation to get a greater understanding of what objectives I was setting by entering college. My objectives were clear, to analyse all the problems around me and find and promote a creative solution to each problem.


In order to this I also had to try understand the human mind and explore the depths within myself. The dangers which confront the adventurer and his environment and circumnavigator of that inner world called human being. He enters a labyrinth and multiplies a thousand fold the dangers that life in itself brings with it.


Our nature is sculpted not only by early personal life experiences and the traits and dispositions inherited by our ancestors. But also historical forces and our past. The traditions and experiments of past cultures continue to live on within us influencing our life and experience from the deeper layers of our psyche and mind. The past of every form and way of life, of cultures that formely lay right next to or on top of eachother, now flows into us modern souls. Our drives now run back everywhere; we ourselves are a kind of chaos.


The traditions and experiments of trying to reflect and understand thyself or other from past cultures continue to live within us. To test ones resilience and investigate the levels of cognitive or ones universal consciousness’s. I mainly found myself asking “why”. Countless scholars have attempted to understand the human mind. From my experience so far, I acknowledged my past to try play out a future in a different path. Yes, I have made mistakes, but I have also made so many memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. 


While exploring the depths within may be a foolish danger for the many, it is a newness endeavor for the brave few. The psyche of a small minority of individuals, in comparison with that of the overwhelming mass, is constituted by both greater depths and a higher degree of turmoil. To ensure they are not thorn apart of sunder of the contradictions conflicts and abysses within, such individuals are forced to delve inward from fear and impose and explore order on their own psyche. Fashioning and sculpting themselves into this harmounous whole totality. The explempinatory individual who was able to impose form on his inner chaos. To create oneself does not mean to form oneself out of nothing. As humans, we cannot, as some falsely claim be fashioned in any way we please. Each of us has a deep and abiding nature which places definite set limits on who and what we become.

I listened. “I watched”,  I took my time and undertook an opposing approach. I undertook something that not everyone may undertake, I descended into the depths. I bored into the foundations. A fear of descending into the depths of ones psyche is not unfounded. Which is why it is something that not everyone may undertake. For those who lack sufficient courage and are ungifted in psychological investigations, a voluntarily descent into the inner foundations of ones mind could engender temporary or in rare cases permanent madness or stress.


From my analysis, given that the past of every form and way of life continues to live on within us, we need to engage in an active exploration of history by obtaining self-knowledge and self-learning when one is to their selves. Direct self-observation is not nearly sufficient for us to know ourselves and how we should think but also how we should apply it to the real world; with real life application. We need historical lessons, curiosity, motivation and literature from the past to flow on within us in a hundred waves”.


Just as the past continues to live on in modern cultures embodied in myths, traditions and institutions, so too has our psyche, which has been shaped and sculpted by past ages. The tendency of the modern individual to fear he has been arbitrarily thrown and abandons into the absurd world is the direct result of lacking a “historical sense”. With the individual who has cultivated a historical sense and attained a sense of well-being of their being. I have discovered for myself that ancient humanity and animality, indeed the entire primal age and past of all sentiment or divine being, continues in me to create, to love, to hate, to infer.


In these uncivilised and uncertain times around the world, layers reside the beast within for many, potentially destructive inclinations which one can overtake and possess the human being, such as the drive to aggression and oppression. Instead of advocating for the oppression of the beast within, I am recommending we explore and we become familiar with these potentially destructed vestiges that many currently face due to the fear of not knowing what the future beholds. Due to the nature of uncertainty and control, I propose we yearn and create new ways of influence and ways of living through these unprecedented times.


Just as a raging river can be harness for its energy, so too it uncivilized layers of the psyche and mind. If channeled and handled properly can vitalise life. The most shortsited and pernicious way of thinking wants to make the great sources of energy, those wild torrents of the soul that often stream forth so dangerously and overwhelmingly, dry up altogether of taking their power into service and economising it.


At the bottom of us, really deep down there is, of course something untouchable, some granite of spiritual fatum, of predetermined decision and answer to predermined selected questions. Conceptualising the human psyche and motives is a social structure of the drives and affects as a sort of city in which numerous conflicting sub personalities simultaneously live. I set myself a task to harmonise the abundance of contrary drives and impulses and to provide co-ordination to the plethora of competing forces. This way I could analyse what I could do to improve and try my best to solve  problems rather than base my success metrics on vanity.  I proposed that such co-ordination can be attained by the agency of the product idea or based on the ruling passion to solve such acknowledged problems.


The traditions and experiments of past cultures continue to live on within us influencing our life and our experience from the deeper layer of our psyche and our passion. The mind is constituted by having multidimensional layers and possessing a complexity which rendors total and complete knowledge of it impossibility. Those who exacerbate a heavy successful influence on their ideas and the lessons from their way of living and working success are captured by the complex quality of the curious human mind or fellow student. The answer for “why” is this; how can the human being know itself? The quest must not be to find the soul but to know oneself and nature.

It is really important for us to stay curious. The power of now is our superpower. All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, jealously, bitterness, and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence. The past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfilment in whatever form. Both are illusions.

It is also important for students to strive to be independent, sometimes people take a leap forward in life and you learn as you go on but it is difficult to catalyse a new identity. A decent respect of the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. Being independent helps people portray that new identity, to tell a story and support other local independent businesses and people on their own journey on their listing. It enables hope and solidarity and creates a sense of belonging in the community.

Music and love was the power that is keeping me going during these unprecedented times. It is my therapy, my motivation. We need to ensure we take care of each other, our health is the most important miracle we call life. We need to stay curious, and keep questioning everything for us to live a life of freedom and purpose. To live a life with peace, conscious energy, respect, unity and gratitude. To live in harmony and to ensure we enable efficient and effective solutions is the way we level up and improve every aspect of our lives including our well-being. We are all part of the whole, called by us the universe a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest – an optical delusion of our consciousness. To be happy, our task must be to free ourselves from this, by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.


Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such, is a liberation. Love is everything. Love is passion, love is one thing we do have and that’s each for other. Above everything else is our own happiness which depends on our connection. There’s a higher love in all of us, it’s just about finding it. We are all connected by a bond of sympathy. We need to strife for helping one another. The purpose of life is to help others not put people down. Once we understand this, we will be happier and more fulfilled in life. There are countless number of people who dedicate their lives working hard everyday for one another through hard work and passion and this must be respected. We need to ensure we have each other. We must also respect eachothers difficulties and have a greater awareness and respect for eachother and work in collaboration to save the planet. 

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the true source of all true art and science. If you watch the stars, and let your mind go, be present with the vast infinite scale of the universe and stare in awe. It’s truly a beautiful appreciation. Our nature is sculpted not only by early personal life experiences and the traits and dispositions inherited by our ancestors. But also historical forces from our past. To move forward and to survive on this planet, we need to embrace change and level up. We all face hard times and difficulties, as did I. We are all equal, we are all on this planet together and we live for each other. The misery that is now upon us will pass. We need to embrace change and rise above the fear of human progress and oppression. We live for the moments and the memories that we make, not to the precious lives we lose. Independence stands for humankind’s resilience and this should have new meaning for everyone. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all humans are created equal that they are in doubt by their creator with rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We cannot dwell on our petty differences anymore; we will be united in our common differences. Independence stands for fighting for our freedom, freedom from tyranny, corruption, racism, oppression or prosecution. Independence is how we fight for our right to live, to exist and when we win the day, in one voice, in one race we will stand united, we will prosper and live on and we will survive. The sky is the limit. We stand united.